Sarah Mustered

Title Presentation and Teaching Lead
Sarah Mustered is a resident of Urbana, Illinois with a background in science, the humanities, and disability advocacy. She received a B.S. in Meteorology from Valparaiso University in 2012, with a focus on severe convective weather, lake effect snow, and community outreach. 
Sarah’s experiences as a tutor and TA reinforced her passion for breaking down complex topics for others, and her time working with young adults on the autism spectrum further exercised this skill. 
Whether in the form of gently zapping grade-schoolers with a Van de Graaf generator to teach lightning safety or exploring how one person’s disability accommodations could be in conflict with another’s, Sarah is able to draw upon her multidisciplinary background and patience to teach others with compassion.
One of Sarah’s key roles at NCPRE is to connect concepts using different disciplinary lenses, leading to a better understanding of the whole. She is using her cross-disciplinary experience to assist several NCPRE initiatives and took on the role of Presentation and Teaching Lead in January 2021.
In addition to her work with NCPRE, Sarah is a member of multiple community concert bands, including those at Parkland College and the U of I Summer Band.