Alexander Fazzini

Title Project Associate

Alex Fazzini graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a B.A. in Psychology and Economics. He worked in Psychology labs while teaching, mentoring and enhancing several psychology courses. After he saw possible improvements that could be made to the course he wrote a new psychology guide for the class that would help students understand and resonate with the material, and help the teachers create a discussion based class to draw the students in to ignite new passions. However, his proudest moment during his time in Carbondale was his time as a tutor. He had the honor of helping several brilliant students. One of which was a driven woman that wanted to go back and get her degree to show her kids and her grandkids a new path. Now he works as a project associate for the NCPRE, while finishing a Masters degree at the University of Illinois. He is studying Technology Management and is interested in research concerning LGBTQ+ in the workplace.