NCPRE Partnerships

CSI/ Retraction Watch: The Center for Scientific Integrity (CSI) is the parent organization for Retraction Watch, an online blog started in 2010, which tracks retractions of scientific papers and supporting topics published within academia. CSI aims to offer a clearer understanding of scientific publishing and misinformation within academia. NCPRE has partnered with both the CSI and Retraction Watch as a part of the HHMI project to further develop and explore resources and tools related to supporting research integrity at the individual and institutional levels. Themes of accountability, scientific integrity, and transparency are further explored in NCPRE and HHMI’s collaborative project Labs that Work… For Everyone. 
HHMI: NCPRE partners with with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to create a professional development curriculum that equips all HHMI lab members with leadership skills to do their best research collaboratively and inclusively. TheLabs That Work… For Everyone” project provides HHMI researchers with tools to develop and sustain lab cultures that foster rigor, reproducibility, inclusion, and integrity.
AGU: NCPRE is teaming up with the American Geophysical Union to launch The AGU Ethics and Equity Initiative: Catalyzing Cultural Change in the Sciences with New Resources and Tracking Tools. This initiative, a three-year grant awarded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is designed to directly address sexual harassment and other gender discrimination matters through new educational resources and validated measurement tools. The new resources in this project are designed to allow for broad adaptation by the science community. Read more.

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