Issue Spotting


Issue Spotting:  Quick Tips (Reading time: 2 minutes)

Issue Spotting (5:33)

A school chair meets with an adjunct professor and research team member from another department. They discuss a dispute between the adjunct and a professor in the school chair’s department. The chair identifies the key issues from the adjunct’s perspective and repeats them back to ensure understanding before she gets the other professor’s side of the story.

Ed Feser on Learning from your Mistakes (4:58)

Edward Feser, Provost & Executive Vice President at Oregon State University, discusses times when he has learned from his mistakes and how he uses that information going forward.

Richard Wheeler on Learning from your Mistakes (4:50)

Richard Wheeler, former Provost at the University of Illinois, talks about mistakes he made and how he tried to learn from them over his career.

Ruth Watkins on Learning from your Mistakes (3:56)

Sonya Stephens on Learning from you Mistakes (3:33)

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