Handling Difficult Situations


Complaint Handling: Quick Tips (Reading time: 3 minutes)

Conflict and Dispute: Quick Tips (Reading time: 7 minutes)

Confidentiality and Transparency:  Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Personal Scripts:  Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Delivering Difficult News: Quick Tips (Reading time: 5 minutes)

Delivering Difficult News: Annotated Bibliography  (Reading time: 7 minutes)

Complaint Handling Guidelines (Reading time: 19 minutes)

Complaints from External Constituents (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Crisis Management: Quick Tips (Reading time: 6 minutes)

Andrew Alleyne on Handling Complaints (5:14)

Andrew Alleyne on Personal Scripts (6:39)

Andrew Alleyne on Delivering Difficult News (8:28)

BrandE Faupell on Having Difficult Conversations (4:41)

BrandE Faupell Lessons from a Troubled Unit (2:52)

Michael Loui on Having Difficult Conversations (2:39)

Rob Rutenbar on Personal Scripts (2:28)

Rob Rutenbar, Senior Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Pittsburgh, describes how he uses this important leadership tool.

Rob Rutenbar on Delivering Difficult News (3:06)

Rob Rutenbar, Senior Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Pittsburgh, offers his views on how to give someone news that may be hard to hear.

Richard Wheeler on Personal Scripts (3:08)

Richard Wheeler, former Provost for the University of Illinois, describes his experience in using personal scripts in leadership.

Barb Wilson on Difficult Conversations (3:47)

Barb Wilson, Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Illinois, provides advice on how to handle a difficult subject.

Kendall Zoller on Third Point, Video 1: The Method (9:51)

Kendall Zoller on Third Point, Video 2: Roleplay (6:27)

Kendall Zoller on Third Point, Video 3: Exploring the Application (6:21)

Difficult Conversations (4:44)

Difficult Conversations – Mixed Reactions (1:34)

Difficult Conversations – Decision Making and Authority (4:59)

Critical Friends (11:34)

How to use critical friends to assess your ability to handle difficult situations and conversations.

Delivering Difficult News (7:46)

Delivering Difficult News Techniques (6:33)

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