Maintaining Processes for Managing Careers


Giving Performance Feedback:  Quick Tips (Reading time: 2 minutes)
Just-in-time advice for conducting an effective faculty performance review.

Building Effective Units:  Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Understanding and Managing Teams:  Quick Tips (Reading time: 6 minutes)
Just-in-time advice for working effectively with teams.

Practical Performance Feedback Tips (Reading time: 9 minutes – Executive Briefing)
Tips and hints for conducting evaluations and providing feedback that will be honest, constructive, and most likely to be heard by those within your scope of responsibility.

Performance Management:  Annotated Bibliography (Reading time: 6 minutes – Resources for Further Reading)
Selected books, research articles, and popular literature for those seeking deeper knowledge on the topic of performance management.

Giving Performance Feedback (scenario one) (Video)

A department head conducts an annual performance review with a faculty member. The department head demonstrates some effectiveness in addressing goals and strategies for performance improvement. The head’s approach also highlights opportunities for improvement to his performance review process.

Giving Performance Feedback (scenario two) (Video)

A department head talks to a staff member about her performance review.  He has to navigate some unexpected developments, and creates a constructive outcome.

Michael Loui on Using Annual Reviews

Michael Loui on Giving Negative Feedback

Ruth Watkins on Giving Feedback

Sonya Stephens on Giving Feedback

Joan Dubinsky on Giving Feedback

Rob Rutenbar on Giving Performance Feedback

Rob Rutenbar, Senior Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Pittsburgh, discusses the effective transmission of feedback to a faculty member.

Ed Feser on Giving Feedback

Edward Feser, Provost & Executive Vice President at Oregon State University, talks about his approach giving feedback.

Richard Wheeler on Giving Feedback

Richard Wheeler, former Provost at the University of Illinois, talks about working with people across campus to get feedback in solving a major crisis he faced as provost.

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