Managing Processes


Time Management: Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Time To Go: Quick Tips (Reading time: 3 minutes)

Conducting An Effective Committee Meeting: Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Time Management AB (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Social Media: Quick Tips (Reading time: 6 minutes)

Time Management: Part I (Expert Video) (2:45)

Time Management: Part II (Expert Video) (5:23)

Rob Rutenbar, Senior Vice Chancellor of Research, University of Pittsburgh, explains his strategies for time management in this two-part selection.

Managing Time and Resources (Expert Video) (3:28)

Barb Wilson, Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Illinois, provides advice on the effective management of time and one’s own energy.

Balancing Commitments (Expert Video) (3:13)

Edward Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President at Oregon State University, provides advice on the balancing the commitments one faces as an academic administrator.

Balancing Commitments (Expert Video) (1:19)

Richard Wheeler, former Provost at the University of Illinois, describes his experience in balancing work and life.


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