Leadership Skills


Emotional Intelligence – Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Combining Departments – Quick Tips (Reading time: 6 minutes)

Choosing Subordinate Leaders – Quick Tips (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Ethical Challenges of Leadership – Quick Tips (Reading time: 6 minutes)

Emotional Intelligence – Executive Briefing (Reading time: 12 minutes)

Emotional Intelligence – Annotated Bibliography (Reading time: 2 minutes)

A Brief Introduction to Leadership Essentials (Reading time: 4 minutes)

Leadership Essentials Part 1: Executive Briefing, part I (Reading time: 14 minutes)

Leadership Essentials:  Executive Briefing, part II (Reading time: 14 minutes)

Tools for Leadership – Annotated Bibliography (Reading time: 16 minutes)

Andrew Alleyne on Effective Leaders (4:51)

Michael Loui on Leading Groups and Projects (5:04)

Micheal Loui on the Use of Humor (1:04)

BrandE Faupell on Skill Sets (3:12)

Ruth Watkins on Challenges of Leadership (2:55)

Sonya Stephens on Challenges of Leadership (3:06)

Joan Dubinsky on What Makes a Good Leader (5:55)

Bob Easter on Critical Leadership Skills (2:46)

Bob Easter, President Emeritus of the University of Illinois, discusses foundational skills and strategies for becoming an effective leader, including how to deliver difficult news to individuals and groups.

Jump to section: Relating to Your Team, Delivering Bad News, Others’ Reactions to Difficult News, Where to Look for Support, Seeking Advice, Real Examples – Abraham Lincoln: Choosing Advisers

Nick Burbules on Language in Leadership (16:42)

Nicholas Burbules, Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Illinois, describes how the use of language is an essential skill in leadership.

Ed Feser on Challenges of Leadership (3:07)

Edward Feser, Provost & Executive Vice President of the Oregon State University, describes challenges he faced as an administrator.

Richard Wheeler on Challenges of Leadership (3:52)

Richard Wheeler on Key Aspects of Leadership (3:50)

Richard Wheeler, former Provost at the University of Illinois, talks about key aspects of leadership that he learned over his career.


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