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Confronting Challenges in Academic Units

The NCPRE Confronting Challenges in Academic Units (CCAU) initiative explores the features that characterize flourishing academic units and the ways in which academic units can become troubled, or challenged in their ability to function effectively. The CCAU initiative develops early-warning indicators for identifying challenges before they become incapacitating, as well as approaches and solutions for addressing those challenges. Building on our experience in academic administration and leadership, NCPRE develops concepts, labels, tools, and approaches for dealing with challenges in a principled, pragmatic, and effective manner.

By membership, institutions gain access to NCPRE resources and strategies, as well as the opportunity to work with NCPRE staff and affiliated experts in invitation-only working conferences for institutional leaders who are dealing with challenged units and who want effective strategies for tackling these challenges. Each conference includes a limited number of selected attendees who bring their experience and wisdom to collaborative discussions on the challenges faced.  Participants are guided through the development of problem-focused strategies based on our experience with effective practices, tailored to the particulars of each case.

Our collective aim is for participants to leave with actionable strategies for the problems they face.

For more information, please contact us at: or 217-333-1416.

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