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  • Dealing With Dysfunctional Academic Departments
    C.K. Gunsalus, Richard P. Wheeler and Ruth Watkins 04/10/2017 FROM INSIDE HIGHER ED -- The faculty in the math department of a major university has a history of expertise in theory, but the faculty of its much smaller empirical group has become completely estranged from it. Each faction has very powerful personalities who dislike and […]
  • CSL researchers call for greater accountability in the reproducibility of research
    Kim Gudeman, CSL 03/14/2017 Say that a team of scientists publishes very promising results indicating the development of a treatment that matched chemotherapy to a cancer patient’s genetic make-up. The findings promise to transform cancer care, except for one thing: Despite multiple efforts by other scientists, the results cannot be reproduced. Feed Image:  read more
  • Illinois’ NCPRE launches third course in Coursera leadership specialization
    CSL Communications 10/27/2016 The National Center for Professional and Research Ethics at the University of Illinois launched the third part of its Coursera leadership specialization this week. Building on content from Courses One and Two, Leadership and Influence aims to give participants the skills to exert influence and become effective team members and leaders. Feed […]
  • NCPRE to continue successful Coursera specialization with Course Two: Shaping Your Professional Brand
    07/08/2016 Do you know how to listen effectively as a professional? Can you tell when you've established rapport? Do you notice the effect you have on people? In Course One of the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics (NCPRE) Coursera specialization, learners investigated what is important to them and grappled with some of the basic […]
  • NCPRE to help professionals prevent, solve problems at work in its first Coursera offering
    CSL Communications 04/26/2016 It can be hard to choose–or even know–the right path, and to find a way to take it.  Even if you are an expert in your field, you may find that knowing how to navigate workplace pitfalls is just as important to your career as technical skills. C.K. GunsalusConsider whether something like […]
  • Ethics Center presents first NTU academy leadership course to Asian educators
    Kim Gudeman, CSL 05/11/2015 Last year, Illinois and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore formed a partnership to research and develop curricular materials and resources for a new academy at NTU aimed at higher education leaders in Asia. This spring, Illinois experts presented the first course offered through the academy to about 35 department heads, deans […]
  • In the News: SOuRCe survey aids in evaluating workplace ethics
    Monya Baker, Nature 04/29/2015 Training in research ethics is mandatory for many US graduate students and postdocs, but there is little evidence that formal classes prompt scientists to conduct research ethically. However, the workplace climate — which includes perceptions of regulatory committees, data confidentiality and treatment of trainees — influences research practices and can spawn […]
  • Illinois partners with NTU to develop new generation of Asian academic leaders
    Kim Gudeman, CSL 08/25/2014 In medicine and other fields, the growing use of evidence-based practices has saved money and improved performance by using data to inform decision-making. But in academic institutions leaders have been slower to adapt to data-driven decision making. Feed Image:  read more
  • Awareness week cultivates conversations about ethics in research
    Katie Carr, CSL 04/08/2014 Ethics Awareness was held March 3 - 7 to educate and bring awareness to the ethical issues surrounding students, staff and faculty, focusing on learning, scholarship and research.There are thousands of examples of unethical behavior in today’s society, ranging from cheating on homework to medica Feed Image:  read more
  • Illinois ethics expert: "Temptation, rationalization, incrementalism" led to the professional demise of two physicians involved in Silk Road
    12/05/2013 What would make two young doctors risk promising careers in medicine by selling prescription drugs illegally? CSL's C.K. Gunsalus talks to a Delaware publication about the factors that may have led those physicians to participate in the underground Silk Road website. Feed Image: