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Leadership Collection

The Leadership Collection was inspired by, and initiated with support from and in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The Collection is a multi-media library of management and leadership materials curated for academic leaders, and is updated regularly with new resources. It can be used on a “just in time” basis (“I need to know now!”) or as a platform for personal study and reflection.

Your New Role

Role Transition | Becoming an Authority | Making an Impact

Strategic Leadership

Aligning to Goals and Mission | Goal-Setting | Prioritizing | Data-Informed Decisions | Recruitment & Selection

Adaptive Leadership

Managing Change | Managing Stress | Updating Your Skills | Seeking Help From Others

Influential Leadership

Relationships & Trust | Teams | Influence & Negotiation | Complaint Handling | Performance Management | Coaching | Motivation

Ethical Leadership

Personal Values & Ethical Challenges | Structured Decision-Making | Research Integrity & Misconduct