Connecting Silos

Connecting Silos:
Sharing Ideas and Best Practices in the Teaching of Professional & Research Ethics

A conference to explore innovative ways to educate about ethical and professional responsibility

The annual Connecting Silos conference is designed to bring together a small, balanced group of researchers and practitioners from across disciplines to share best approaches for teaching ethics. All too often, we tend to be isolated in our own silos, talking only to those from our own disciplines and backgrounds. This conference aims to bridge disciplines and bring together an array of professionals devoted to teaching responsible professional best practice across fields.  From ethics faculty in business and law to faculty who teach research ethics, and including practitioners from the corporate world, this annual invitational event is interactive, focused on sharing expertise, techniques, perspectives, and curricular materials. Our experience is that this participatory model allows attendees to learn from one another and take away new ideas for use in teaching,  enriching all of our approaches to teaching approaches in the areas of ethics and professional responsibility.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society (CPRBS) and NCPRE. In addition to the conference, the two Centers are working together on a variety of projects designed to advance thinking and practice in ethics education. 

For more information, please contact us at: or 217-333-1416.