Influential Leadership

Leadership Skills

Critical Leadership Skills (Video)
Bob Easter, President Emeritus of the University of Illinois, discusses several foundational skills and strategies for becoming an effective leader, including how to deliver difficult news to individuals and groups.

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Useful Tools for Handling Complaints and Disagreements

Sometimes you will encounter problems that require a formal process. Here’s how to do it right.

Complaint Handling Guidelines (Executive Briefing)

Complaint Handling (Video)
A department head hears a complaint from a staff member regarding a high-profile professor. The department head demonstrates effective intake of a complaint.

Complaint Handling:  Quick Tips (PDF)

Conflict and Dispute:  Quick Tips (PDF)

Delivering Difficult News:  Quick Tips (PDF)

Issue Spotting (Video)
A school chair meets with an adjunct professor and research team member from another department. They discuss a dispute between the adjunct and a professor in the school chair’s department. The chair identifies the key issues from the adjunct’s perspective and repeats them back to ensure understanding before she gets the other professor’s side of the story.

Issue Spotting:  Quick Tips (PDF)

Knowing When to Escalate (Video)
A department head hears a complaint from a staff member regarding a professor who may be displaying concerning behavior. The head understands this situation will likely require a formal process for handling the complaint; he demonstrates care in how he engages with the staff member, focusing on the facts and remaining calm to defuse her emotional reactions. 

Knowing When to Escalate:  Quick Tips (PDF)

Managing Up:  Quick Tips (PDF)

Performance Management

Practical Performance Feedback Tips (Executive Briefing)
Tips and hints for conducting evaluations and providing feedback that will be honest, constructive, and most likely to be heard by those within your scope of responsibility.

Giving Performance Feedback:  Quick Tips (PDF)
Just-in-time advice for conducting an effective faculty performance review.

Giving Performance Feedback (Video)
A department head conducts an annual performance review with a faculty member. The department head demonstrates some effectiveness in addressing goals and strategies for performance improvement. The head’s approach also highlights opportunities for improvement to his performance review process.

Performance Management Annotated Bibliography (Resources for Further Reading)
Selected books, research articles, and popular literature for those seeking deeper knowledge on the topic of performance management.

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